Backyartisan Rating:

3.65 Stars

Backyard Discovery has been a trusted business for over 35 years selling outdoor items, such as patio sets, gazebos, playhouses, and swing sets.

The Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set offers some outstanding features that are perfect for small spaces but promises to keep the kids entertained.

Similar to the Lakewood Cedar Wooden Swing Set, this swing set comes in a different color and features a clubhouse with windows and a door for extreme backyard fun.

The Backyartisan's Verdict

Buying a swing set can be a costly investment that you should thoroughly research before making a final purchase.

We take reviews seriously at The Backyartisan to help you make the most informed decision possible. We use a five-star rating system to review every aspect of the swing sets, so you can rest assured knowing we have done the best product research for you.

After carefully comparing similar swing sets on the market, here is our breakdown of how we rated the Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set.

Backyartisan Rating:

3.65 Stars

Shipping & Receiving

Shipping is an important feature to consider before making any purchase, especially when buying something as enormous as a new swing set. Check out our article on shipping to learn more about what to expect with playset delivery services.

Our Oakmont verdict: Backyard Discovery earned a 5-star rating for shipping services on their Oakmont Cedar Swing Set. The company offers free shipping with no installation or the option of installation of the swing set for an extra fee.

Overall, Backyard Discovery offers a hassle-free shipping experience with the Oakmont Cedar Swing Set delivered to your doorstep within seven to ten days from purchase.

Trucking Company Appointments

Anyone who has ever placed an order for a large item knows that waiting on your shipment can sometimes seem never-ending, especially during busy seasons when trucking companies are overwhelmed with deliveries.

Such as it is when waiting for a swing set delivery during the peak spring and summer months. The good news is that even though there might be a bit of a wait, you can rest assured knowing that your Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set will eventually arrive.

Backyard Discovery offers free standard delivery to your doorstep with the option of paying in four easy payments of $199.75 every two weeks. Depending on your location, delivery takes anywhere from seven to 17 days.

Even though waiting on your delivery can be frustrating, Backyard Discovery provides one of the most effective shipping methods for swing sets in the U.S.A.

While waiting for your delivery, here are some suggestions to consider before your swing set arrives:

  • Ensure your yard meets the requirements for setting up your new swing set
  • Prepare a space in your yard for your swing set beforehand
  • Ensure the driveway is clear for the arrival of the trucking company
  • Round up some helpers to assist you with assembling the swing set before the big day arrives

Dealing with Pallets

The Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set measures over seven feet long. Therefore, the delivery companies use wooden pallets to support the oversized swing set parts.

Although you might have leftover pallets after assembly, they help to prevent damage to your swing set during delivery.

Some trucking companies offer to take the pallets, while others refuse. No worries, by using some creativity, wooden pallets have other uses if you have some leftovers in your yard, such as:

  • Firewood
  • Building recycled furniture
  • Using them in your basement to keep appliances off the ground
  • Using them to build a tree house or a climbing wall for kids

Unboxing and Taking Inventory

One of the most critical steps of buying a swing set is unboxing and taking inventory to ensure none of the parts are missing from your delivery.

When your swing set arrives, compare the number of boxes to the content list to ensure you receive all your packages. It is best to take inventory while the moving truck is still present in case something is missing.

Afterward, carefully inspect each part as you remove them from the packaging to ensure they are not damaged and that each piece is there.

Taking detailed notes and pictures is helpful when discussing issues with the retailer. If you notice something damaged or missing, promptly notify Backyard Discovery to rectify the situation.

Box Weight and Dimensions

The Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set comes in three separate boxes. The largest of the three boxes weighs 138 lbs. and requires at least two people, a dolly, or a forklift for transportation to the setup location in your backyard.

The box specifications for the Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set are as follows:

  • Box 1: 91 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 6 1/2" Weight: 138 lbs.
  • Box 2: 45 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 4 1/4" Weight: 42 lbs.
  • Box 3: 45 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 4 3/4" Weight: 58 lbs.


When it comes to installation, nothing is ever easy. We give the Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set a 4-star review for ease of installation and two-person set-up. Download the Backyard Discovery instruction manual for this brand of swing set before tackling set up.

Alternatively, if you are willing to pay extra, Backyard Discovery offers delivery and set up for an extra cost. However, if you are gung ho about tackling the project on your own, check out this in-depth article for more details about installation.

Our Oakmont verdict: Tackling the setup of any swing set is no easy task, and the Oakmont is no exception. Experience with putting together swing sets is helpful.

Tools Required

Setting up your swing set can be accomplished with two-person assembly and some free time. If you have decided to take on the task of setting up your new Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set, here is a list of essential tools you will require for the job:

  • Phillips Head Drill Attachment, ½-inch open-ended wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver
  • An electric drill, ⅛, ⅜, and 7/16 drill bits and ½-inch deep sockets
  • A claw hammer and an optional rubber mallet
  • A tape measure and a square level

Ease and Timeframe of Installation

When installing your swing set, we suggest giving yourself plenty of time to complete the job without rushing. Perhaps begin setting up your swing set on a Saturday to ensure you have enough time to complete the job without hurrying.

Most people can complete setting up the Oakmont Swing Set within two days when using a two-person installation process and taking their time to complete the project.

Quality of Directions

Backyard Discovery offers an easy-to-read installation manual for the Oakmont Swing Set that comes in several languages.

This well-written manual features visual aids to help find each part at a glance and easy step-by-step installation instructions that make setting up your new swing set more tolerable with the assistance of a helper.

Overall, the instruction manual is an asset when tackling this backyard project.

Space Needed

Swing set installation in your yard takes up a significant amount of space. The first step before committing to a swing set is measuring to ensure you have adequate space for it.

The perfect yard space for a swing set also allows enough room for a child to play around the swing set without being injured by obstacles in the way.

The Oakmont Swing Set measures 9’ tall and requires a yard space of at least 24’ x 27’ to ensure children have enough space to play happily and unobstructed on their new swing set.

Stability & Durability

Although the Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is not the most heavy-duty option on the market, we feel this model is average compared to other swing set models.

Our Oakmont verdict: We give this swing set a 3-star for stability and durability. Even though Oakmont offers average stability, it is also on the cheaper end of swing sets, so you are saving money with this purchase.

As with anything with a lower price tag, you get what you pay for when you invest in a bargain product. Although this swing set might not be the sturdiest of swing sets, the hardware included helps to make it a safe choice for child play.

Joints & Hardware

The Oakmont Cedar Swing Set has an average rating for stability and durability and is cost-effective if you are looking for a bargain-priced swing set that is not heavy-duty.

Equipped with several nuts, bolts, screws, and a well-built plate to secure the swing beam, this model is sufficient for safe child play, even though there are other sturdier models on the market.

Wood Thickness

Made from 100% cedar, the wood thickness of the Oakmont Cedar Swing Set is approximately one inch thick or less, making this product one of the less heavy-duty options on the market.

However, the cedar wood material makes up for the thickness because it is less likely to develop cracks compared to other types of wood, and it is also resistant to decay.

The swing beam of this swing set is only 2' x 5.25’ and is not ideal for older children or adults. However, the length is adequate for small children to enjoy it.

Plastic Thickness

The Oakmont Cedar Swing Set comes with a three-piece plastic wave slide, consisting of the centerpiece and two attachable side pieces.

Once assembled, the plastic slide is eight feet long and secured to the slide brace with ½-inch screws. The slide pieces also require several screws to attach them to the center of the slide.

The result is sturdy enough for children to enjoy hours of entertainment. However, because the wave slide includes three separate pieces, it might not last as long as solid one-piece plastic slides that other retailers offer.

Wood Stain & Finish

Made of 100% cedar wood, the Oakmont swing set comes finished with a stain to protect against elements of the weather and wood rot.

Although the color of the stain on this swing set is lighter with a yellowish tinge, you can repaint it to the color of your preference.

Weight Limits

Backyard Discovery swing sets are recommended for children weighing a maximum of 150 pounds each when participating in individual play activities and a maximum of 120 pounds if playing in joint activities, such as the slide or swing area.

They also recommend a maximum total of nine children at a time in the play area for safety reasons and to extend the life of the play structure. Exceeding the recommended weight limits can damage the swing set and result in possible injuries.

Ongoing Maintenance

The Oakmont is an affordable option in swing sets that requires yearly maintenance for upkeep and longevity. To maintain your swing set in tip-top shape, follow these suggestions:

Lubricate all hinges and metal mechanisms to prevent rust and seizing parts
Tighten all loose screws and hardware at the beginning of each season
Remove swings and trapeze bars before winter weather approaches
Re-stain wood every couple of years to maintain its shine

Check out this article for more information about the maintenance of your swing set.

Play Elements

The affordably priced Oakmont offers several features at a reasonable price, including:

  • A colorful awning over a raised fort with a step ladder
  • A clubhouse with a window, door, and a built-in bench
  • An 8-foot wavy slide
  • A yellow trapeze bar and two belt swings

Our Oakmont verdict: Suitable for anyone on a budget, the Oakmont offers a basic play structure for children.

Besides the usual swings and trapeze bar offered by most swing sets, the Oakmont also features a clubhouse and bench that many children will enjoy. The colorful awning is also an attractive addition to this swing set.

Ups, Downs & Acrosses

As far as swing sets go, any child will find something to love about theirs and spend hours a day making memories with their friends and family.

One of the most attractive features of the Oakmont is the ladder and the eight-foot slide, which will surely put a smile on the faces of many children and toddlers as they ride the wave again and again.


Swings are an attractive feature for many children. The Oakmont comes with two belt swings that can be adjusted to three positions to suit the heights of riders. The trapeze bar is also an attractive feature of this swing set, suitable for older children to enjoy.

Social Play Accessories

The Oakmont swing set is an excellent addition to any backyard and allows children to use their imagination while playing.

We love the two-story clubhouse, door, and picnic table, which encourages pretend play. The play area is large enough to entertain several children and teaches them to interact socially with one another while using their imaginations.

The play area could make the perfect restaurant to serve some fresh mud pies, a pirate ship, or a clubhouse that requires a secret knock for entry. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the imagination of a child.

Solo Play Accessories

Although playing on a swing set is always more fun with a group of children, the Oakmont swing set offers fun for one child on the slide, swing, and trapeze bar. The clubhouse is also a terrific spot to read books or enjoy quiet outdoor solo play.

Roof & Kit Options

The Oakmont Cedar Swing Set features a tarp roof over the second-floor clubhouse area that helps shelter children from the rain in mild weather. Unfortunately, the tarp cannot prevent heavy rainfall from soaking the play structure.

The tarp and the enclosed clubhouse also help to provide shelter from the sun on warm summer days.

Price & Value

After reading our review, we hope you have a better idea of what the Oakmont Cedar Swing Set offers for the value of your money. With a price tag of $800 to $900, depending on your location and retailer, keep reading to find out our results.

Our Oakmont verdict: We gave this swing set an average rating of 3.65 because it offers a cost-effective price compared to other Backyard Discovery swing sets. The Oakmont has plenty of features to keep a child entertained, such as a slide, swings, trapeze bar, and the clubhouse.

Of course, if you are willing to spend more money, there are always better options. However, for the low price tag, this swing set performs above average compared to others.

Overall Value

Unfortunately, Backyard Discovery does not offer the best warranty for their swing sets. For more details on specific warranty coverage, consult the product manual.

Although Oakmont has a low-cost price tag, a lot of work goes into installation, and if you have to hire someone to install it for you, tack on an extra 25 to 40%.

One bonus with this swing set is that Backyard Discovery offers free shipping to go along with the low price tag.

Shipping Costs

Backyard Discovery offers free shipping for the Oakmont Cedar Swing Set. The bad news is that they do not offer free returns. So before making your purchase, ensure that this is the perfect item for your yard space. If you change your mind, it will cost you between $150 to $200 to return the swing set after purchase.

Installation Costs

If you are a handyman, perhaps you can tackle putting the swing set together with the help of a friend over the weekend. However, do not expect the job to be quick because it is time-consuming.

If you are not handy with putting large items together, you might need to hire someone to help with installation. To pay a local handyman for installing the swing set, expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $400.

Alternatively, you can check the option Backyard Discovery offers for paid installation of your swing set. When deciding if a cheaper price tag is worth it, consider the extra cost and time for installation.


Backyard Discovery has recently improved its warranty. The Oakmont swing set comes with a five-year warranty against decay, wood rot, and metal parts, and a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship of the wood. However, the plastic parts are not covered under the company's warranty.

The warranty does not cover money spent on labor costs, damage caused by bad weather, vandalism or faulty installation, or disrepair from what they consider regular maintenance or natural wear and tear.

For more information regarding the Backyard Discovery product warranty, consult the product owner manual.

Backyartisan Rating:

3.65 Stars

Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set gets an overall average rating of 3.65 stars. Although this swing set rates lower than others, it is still an ideal choice for anyone on a tight budget looking for a cost-effective wooden play structure for their children to enjoy.

Although this set is not the sturdiest on the market, we feel that the Oakmont is made of quality cedar that is durable enough to provide hours of safe entertainment for your children at a discounted price compared to others.

Thank you for taking the time to read our review of our Backyard Discovery Oakmont Cedar Wooden Swing Set. We hope that you have found the information useful.

If you are still not 100% in favor of the Oakmont swing set, check out our Short List of the best backyard playsets.

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