The Backyartisan Rating System

At The Backyartisan, we get our hands on every single playset and other playground equipment that we review. We go through the entire ordering process, setup and installation, and let the kiddos take it for a spin so that y'all can get an in-depth look at all your options and build the backyard of your kid's dreams.

For each type of playground equipment that we review, we have specific rating standards that help us form our verdict and official Backyartisan Rating.


Our playset rating system consists of 5 major criteria, each with several important factors.

Shipping & Receiving

Playsets are difficult to ship. We look at how easy it is to make trucking company appointments, deal with pallets, unbox the playset, and take inventory.


Ever try to put one of these bad boys together? It definitely takes some time and a couple buddies. We look at the total installation process and quality of directions.

Stability & Durability

Like any good DIY project, your joints and crossbeams need to be stable, among other things. Joint quality, weight limits, ASTM standards...we go the whole nine yards here.

Play Elements

Because what good is a playset if it ain't fun? We look at the quality of the slides, seats, and other components, and let the kids hop on and test it out (after the stability test of course).

Price & Value

Playsets are an investment and the best ones will last you a long time. We take a look at what's a good value, shipping and installation costs, and break down cost per element.

Questions? Feel free to shoot us a note.

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