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If you were looking for the standard bearer of heavy duty wooden playset, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to thick wood, heavy hardware, and long lasting accessories, Gorilla Playsets is the brand you need to look at. It also comes with the price tag that you may expect with such high quality material though.

Short Lists

Gorilla Playsets has some great playsets that have made the cut on several of our Short Lists.


Gorilla Playsets Feature Comparison

Below is a comparison of the play features that are available across the most popular Gorilla Playsets models.

ModelTire SwingMultiple Roof TypesMonkey BarsClatter Bridge and TowerTube SlideMultiple SlidesMultiple Play DecksLower Level ClubhouseRamp
Chateau Swing Setx
Chateau Clubhouse Swing Setxx
Chateau Duo Swing Set
Chateau Towerx
Double Down Swing Setx
Empire Swing Setxxxx
Empire Extreme Swing Setxxxxx
Frontier Swing Setxxx
Great Skye I Swing Setxxxx
Great Skye II Swing Setxxxx
High Point Swing Set
Highcrest Swing Set
Mountain Ridge Swing Set
Mountaineer Swing Setxxx
Mountaineer Clubhouse Swing Setxxxx
Nantucket Swing Set
Navigator Swing Setxx
Outing III Swing Set
Pioneer Peak Swing Setxxxx
Sun Climber Deluxe Swing Setxxxxx
Sun Climber Extreme Swing Setxxx
Sun Climber Swing Setxxx
Sun Palace Deluxe Swing Setxxxx
Sun Palace Extreme Swing Setxx
Sun Palace Swing Setxx
Sun Valley Deluxe Swing Setxxxx
Sun Valley Extreme Swing Setxx
Sun Valley Swing Setxx
Treasure Trove Swing Setxxxxx
Treasure Trove II Swing Setxxxxx

Gorilla Playset Prices & Availability

Below is the latest prices and availability of Gorilla Playsets on their website and several popular online retailers. Prices are first and the current stock status is in parentheses. "N/A" means that retailer doesn't carry that particular playset. To compare Gorilla to other brands, check out our swing set pricing study.

ModelGorilla PlaysetsAmazonWillyGoatWalmartTargetHome DepotLowesWayfairBJ'sCostcoSam's Club
Adventure Wave Swing Set$1,399.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Chateau Clubhouse Swing Set$2,229.00 (out of stock)N/A ()$1,973.36 (out of stock)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Chateau Swing Set$1,929.00 (ships in 7 - 14 business days)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Chateau Tower Swing Set$1,719.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)$2,248.26 (out of stock)N/A (N/A)#N/A (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Chateau w/ Sky Loft Swing Set$2,698.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Double Down II Swing Set$1,699.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)$1,648.99 (out of stock)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Empire Extreme Swing Set$6,199.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Empire Swing Set$5,599.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Five Star II Space Saver Swing Set$1,549.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Frontier Swing Set$2,229.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Great Skye I Swing Set$3,439.00 (out of stock)N/A ()$3,129.74 (out of stock)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Great Skye II Swing Set$3,939.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
High Point II Swing Set$1,399.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Homestead Swing Set$2,649.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Homestead w/ Sky Loft Swing Set$3,258.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Mountaineer Clubhouse Swing Set$2,749.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Mountaineer Swing Set$2,449.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Nantucket II Swing Set$1,599.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Navigator Swing Set$2,129.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Outing Swing Set$1,149.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Outing w/ Dual Slides Swing Set$1,249.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Outing w/ Monkey Bars Swing Set$1,299.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Outing w/ Trapeze Bar Swing Set$1,249.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Outing w/ Tube Slide Swing Set$1,449.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Pioneer Peak Swing Set$2,859.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
PlayMaker Deluxe Swing Set$1,249.00 (ships in 7 - 14 business days)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Ranger Plus Swing Set$699.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Ranger Swing Set$299.00 (ships in 7 - 14 business days)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Palace Deluxe Swing Set$4,479.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Palace Extreme Swing Set$2,749.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Palace Swing Set$2,549.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Valley Deluxe Swing Set$4,049.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Valley Extreme Swing Set$2,549.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Sun Valley Swing Set$2,349.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Swing Station$612.56 (ships in 7 - 14 business days)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Treasure Trove I Swing Set$4,059.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)#N/A (#N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Treasure Trove II Swing Set$4,559.00 (out of stock)N/A ()N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)Loading... (Loading...)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Wilderness Gym Swing Set$3,229.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Wilderness Retreat Swing Set$4,439.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)
Woodmont Swing Set$2,299.00 (out of stock)N/AN/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)N/A (N/A)

More About Gorilla Playsets

Gorilla has been in the playset industry for almost 30 years. Started in 1993, Gorilla Playsets began producing heavy-duty backyard swing set kits for kids of all ages. Over the years, Gorilla’s aesthetic and adherence to quality has not changed much. In fact, it really does look like the style they initially launched with is where they are today — if it ain’t broke...

You could consider Gorilla Playsets as fairly modular, though they do not sell them in a plug-and-play fashion. With upwards of 10 to 15 models, you will notice that some are built upon the same fort components. Essentially, there are only a handful of base models upon which a Gorilla Playset is modeled. Also, don’t expect a lot of new models to arrive each year. When it comes to naming conventions, Gorilla is all over the place with their names. With that said, you will notice that whenever there is a “II” following a name, it means that there is a 14’ scoop slide attached — “I” has no scoop slide, simple as that. You will see that, for example, on the Treasure Trove and Great Skye.

It’s worth noting that you may also recognize Gorilla products under a different name, PlayNation. The PlayNation products are simply the way Gorilla sells products through localized retailers, though they do ship from their website as well. Some of those PlayNation retailers actually operate under the name PlayNation and may be either independent or owned by the parent organization.

Gorilla grew over the last few decades as a small business owned by its founder, until it sold to Backyard Products, a private equity backed company that specializes in backyard structures, with a distinct focus on sheds. You can tell how Gorilla fits into this shed picture just by looking at the product. In general, a Gorilla Playset will last as long as a typical shed, whereas many other playset manufacturers make products that deteriorate in 3 to 5 years. I would argue that Gorilla Playsets have the look and feel of a heavy-duty shed.

I would characterize their products as highly-engineered and planned from a longevity and quality standpoint. I would not necessarily say that Gorilla Playsets are Designed for ease of shipping and installation. They are actually quite a bear on that front, and you should strongly consider hiring out the installation to a professional, regardless of your handiness. Trust me on this one.

Gorilla isn’t the most design-oriented company either. They still produce a lot of accessories and products that look the same way they did when I was growing up. Yup, all those goofy plastic toys and Tic-Tac-Toe attachments. You also shouldn’t look to Gorilla to lead the industry in sustainability practices or other new trends either. They just do what they’ve always done, produce reliable and well-built wooden swing set kits.

Important Company Policies to Note

Gorilla Playsets Warranty

Gorilla Playsets come with a 10 year warranty on the wood. Their warranty protects you from defects in the material and workmanship for the wood.

This warranty does not necessarily cover warping, splintering, and other imperfections in the wood that they deem cosmetic at their sole discretion. Also, you may be out of luck if the damage is caused by normal wear and tear or an act of God/nature. Note that the warranty is only valid for residential use.

If you had your playset installed by a Gorilla dealer, the plastics and components that aren’t wood are warrantied for two years, otherwise those components come with a one-year warranty. Any warranty claim must include your proof of purchase with a date noted. You have 30 days from the date of purchase two request replacement parts that are missing or damaged in the original packaging.

There are quite a few slippery points in this warranty, so I wanted to give you fair warning about that policy. You will want to read through the entire warranty on your particular site before purchasing.

Gorilla Playsets Replacement Parts

Gorilla has a fairly robust catalog of replacement parts, but you will want to go directly to your local hardware store for any screws and bolts that need replacing.

Gorilla Playsets Shipping Policy

You will want to check the shipping policy of any retailer before purchasing. Note that most retailers will refund you the product price but not the shipping cost, regardless of whatever shipping fees you were charged (even “free” shipping isn’t free). It will also be your responsibility to pay for return shipping, which could cost upwards of $700-800, depending upon which product you purchase.

As you can tell from this policy, playsets are usually shipped in one direction: directly to the customer. You are probably better off attempting to sell the playset locally then to return it to a retailer. You really just need to make sure you’re ready when you make this purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honestly, we don’t know. But the following is not specific to Gorilla Playsets. When COVID-19 hit, the entire swing set industry was turned upside down (along with home gym equipment, trampolines, etc.). Many parents had their kids at home but wanted them outside so the parents could work from home. Most swing sets across the industry sold out very quickly in spring 2020. The supply chain has been strained ever since. Due to the large spike in demand, many manufacturers have been trying not to overreact and order too many swing sets. Production is back up, now shipping is backed up, and it just seems like there may be an issue with stock until 2022. Seasonality would typically dictate a slow down in fall 2021, but there could still be a lot of demand as companies build inventory for Christmas 2021.

That’s the $5000 question! Literally. The answer is generally yes. This is a high quality product that will last for many years with the proper care. We can’t speak to your potential resale value, but the Gorilla product has been known to outlast homeowners in a particular home!

Boxes. Lots of them of many sizes. Hardware. Lots of it and in many sizes. Seriously, the Gorilla Playset is designed for sturdiness and not ease of installation. Unless you hire out someone who can meet you when the product arrives, expect quite a bit of work to accept the delivery, take inventory, and stage out installation. Some sets have up to 20+ boxes, all coming off a freight truck. It is definitely a big to-do.

The cons of purchasing a Gorilla Playset primarily revolve around the stuff you have to do before your kids start playing: tons of boxes, hours upon hours of assembly, and lots of cash. It can be hard to wrap your head around the amount of work required for a child’s toy. Obviously if you build one yourself, you’ll likely find yourself planning for much longer, cutting corners or leaving out fun features, and possibly end up with something less than sturdy. The Pros of the Gorilla Playsets are that you really get the benefits of a full-blown design and engineering team backed up with years of experience putting together a nice playset. Your kids will enjoy the elements for many years to come.

I’m not sure any brand has straightforward naming conventions, and Gorilla Playsets is no different. Great Skye, Treasure Trove, Chateau, Outing, etc. If you spend much time checking out their pictures, your head will start spinning. Most of the pictures you’ll see online are renderings, and the primary reason for this is so that you can compare the items side-by-side from the same angle.

Gorilla offers a vinyl canopy roof option, a standard wood roof option, and a gabled wood roof option that they refer to as the “Malibu” roof. I think you go with a vinyl or wood roof and save your dollars on the Malibu option -- it doesn’t seem to add much to the playset features and seems a little gaudy on some of the smaller playsets. The Malibu does come standard on the Empire Extreme, but most every other item offers options. Gorilla used to offer a branded Sunbrella canopy option, but it looks like they have phased that out recently.

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