Backyartisan Rating:

3.4 Stars

People who shop for playsets rely on industry leaders like Backyard Discovery. Their stellar reputation has allowed them to build substantial followership, which they support with a huge distribution network.

The Backyard Discovery Weston All Cedar Wood Playset is an affordable play station to engage children. In this review, we'll break down everything you need to know about it.

The Backyartisan's Verdict

We take our role seriously. Our review system evolved into a 5-star scale that looks at five aspects. We attribute a star rating with a value to these aspects and how important they are to potential playset clients.

We break the score into percentage values to simplify the process and rank their importance. For example, 45% of the value comes from the playset's use, while 25% pertains to its purchase price.

This is how we rated the Backyard Discovery Weston All Cedar Wood Playset.

Backyartisan Rating:

3.4 Stars

Shipping & Receiving

Not every delivery person is up to the challenge of delivering these bulky packages.

That’s why we rated Backyard Discovery with a 5-star rating. They have considered and calculated every contingency in their delivery plan. Their vast distribution network and logistics enable them to manage these larger bundles easily.

Our Weston verdict: We don’t award 5-stars unless a company excels in a segment. Backyard Discovery scores high for shipping and delivery. They will do everything possible to get your shipment to your door.

We also evaluate the company's performance because shipping isn’t just about getting it on the road. Shipping also includes how quickly a company can get a custom product like the Weston playset onto the truck.

Backyard Discovery requires only 3-4 days to process your order and arrange the 7-10 day journey.

Trucking Company Appointments

Anyone who’s ever dealt with shipping knows that it can turn a simple process into a giant hassle. Trucking companies operate on a massive logistic hub, and little deliveries are like a fly in their ointment.

However, one has to grin and bear it as it’s the nature of shipping and getting your playset from point A to point B. Although the Weston All Cedar set is comparatively small, it’s still a large enough purchase that your delivery person requires a lifting tailgate and pallet jack.

Backyard Discovery uses these standard delivery allowances:

  • West Coast: 10 to 17 days
  • Midwest: 7 to 10 days
  • East Coast: 10 to 17 days

While you wait and prepare your playset site in your backyard, you can use the tracking number to get ahead of the transit. Prepare for the arrival of your Weston All Cedar Wood Playset.

Trucking personnel will schedule a delivery time with the recipient. Make sure someone is available at the approximate time.

People often get caught up in preparing the playset space in their yard and overlook the crowded driveway. If you have excess vehicles, building material, or obstructions, make room for the truck to negotiate the area.

Dealing with Pallets

Pallets are a vital part of the delivery business. Playsets come in long bundles that measure up to 7 feet. They’re also heavy and awkward to handle. Some deliveries use 8-foot pallets; others stack the goods on two 48” X 40” pallets. Not all trucking companies remove the pallets.

Many people have recently become super creative in repurposing these pallets. Your kids would love for you to build a tree house, a climbing wall, or invent some organic purpose–be creative.

Unboxing and Taking Inventory

Nothing is worse than receiving a damaged shipment or discovering that essential pieces are missing. As you unpack and match the inventory to your packing slip, take pictures and notes and keep a record of the process.

Your packing slip is a great checklist to ensure all your pieces arrive safely. Count the number of packaged boxes and match the content to the list. Notify Backyard Discovery immediately about damaged or missing parts.

If you haven’t already printed the manual, look for a copy during the delivery. (Note, currently, the online manual for the Weston is only in Spanish.)

Box Weight and Dimensions

Your Weston Set shipment arrives in three boxes; the largest weighing 110 lbs. Ask a friend to help you navigate the weight.

Box specs:

  • Box 1: 91 3/4" x 21 3/4" x 5 1/2" Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Box 2: 46" x 21 3/4" x 3 3/4" Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Box 3: 46" x 21 3/4" x 3 3/4" Weight: 46 lbs.

If you have a forklift or dolly, use them to move the heavy pieces. You’ll need your back for the construction phase. Asking a neighbor or friend to help is also a good idea. Assemble on site.


We don’t hand out 4-star scores for anything unless deserved. Experience also taught us that at-home installation seldom goes smoothly. One of the best things you can do is prepare. Download the instruction manual or have Backyard Discovery email you before getting started.

One way to avoid installation nightmares is to have Backyard Discovery assemble the kit for you on-site for a cost.

If you’re still game and ready to tackle the project, review our helpful installation insights. Backyard Discovery also has a Backyard Discovery Bilt App to help their customers assemble their Weston All Cedar Wood Play Set confidently.

Our Weston verdict: Attempting to install any outdoor playsets takes gumption. Skill and the ability to follow directions help the process tremendously. We take pride in our excellent organizational skillset. If this is your first project, patience and using the Bilt App, will go a long way. Because we’ve done this before, check out our helpful articles on preparing for installation and yard requirements.

When we unpack our playsets, we arrange the lumber, hardware, accessories, and miscellaneous components into an organized pile. Once you assemble the kit pieces, prepare your tools.

Tools Required

Not everyone chooses the assembly version, and you can master the setup with a few tools. The Weston All Cedar Play Set is a lighter lift but having an extra set of hands is helpful. If this is your first playset, note they can be tricky and require some know-how and these tools.

  • Phillips Head Drill Attachment
  • Open End Wrenches 1/2"
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • 1/8", 3/8" & 7/16" Drill Bits
  • 1/2" Deep Sockets
  • Claw Hammer
  • Rubber Mallet - Optional
  • Tape Measure
  • Square
  • Level
  • Electric or cordless drill

Ease and Timeframe of Installation

We understand the dynamic behind installing backyard toys and garden features. Experience taught us to gauge these projects accurately. You won’t unwrap this bundle and say, voila! Backyard Discovery never suggests an approximate time scale in their complete manual. Be prepared to roll up your sleeve and dive in for the next day and a half.

Persons with building experience and DIY skills can squeeze that timeline, but we don’t think so. One way to speed tackle this project is to plan, organize, prepare the setup area in advance, and call all your friends to help.

The Weston All Cedar is a very affordable kit. One of the key features of any children’s play set is not to compromise safety by hurrying the installation. The aim is to install this unit correctly for safety and longevity.

Quality of Directions

Backyard Discovery invested resources into developing a comprehensive, easy-to-use manual. Manuals are available in several languages. Only the Spanish version is available now, but it looks very detailed.

The manual includes a practical list of components. You can match these to the packing slip. The first section of the manual visually demonstrates the parts so you can identify each piece at a glance. Being organized and knowing the features and instructions is a first step that shortens many others.

We appreciate the efforts that went into this dense Backyard Discovery manual. The company's quality shines through in this aspect of the Weston All Cedar Set.

Space Needed

The Weston All Cedar Play Set isn’t the most elaborate playset, but it’s a great introductory set for younger children. Measure your designated spot. The finished unit measures 13’2” W X 10’10” D X 9’2” H.

Although the set has specific dimensions, you must leave room to assemble the kit. We recommend at least 24’ X 23’ use, 8' tall, rounded space. The completed set weighs 205lbs; you could drag it from the shop to its location.

Remember to leave running room for your children. Trim any low-hanging branches and powerlines, and avoid setting the unit onto rocky terrain. For additional stability, the play set requires a flat surface area. You can supplement the ground with sand or mulch for safety.

Stability & Durability

We greatly respect Backyard Discovery and its business of producing marketable and stable yard products. Our familiarity with their products and design makes ranking in this segment a tough call. We rated them only a 2-star. Our testing shows that the Weston isn't a heavy-duty playset. Typically their sets rank on the average scale. The Weston, however, isn’t up to par on stability.

The Weston All Cedar lacks the stability we like to see in a play set. We get that the bodies using this set are small and won’t sway much, but they are children. We want them to be safe regardless of the more affordable price of this unit.

Our Weston verdict: We assume that quality, design, stability, and durability should be the basis for play sets. While this affordable set has much to like, we’re disappointed with the stability factor. We give it two stars for that reason.

Joints & Hardware

Most people look toward the result of a project and value its design appeal. As Backyartisans, we appreciate the elements holding these structures together.

Backyard Discovery kits come with an average-quality selection of standard nuts & bolts. They also use screws and bolts that you can buy at your local hardware store if you need replacements.

We’re disappointed by the lack of heavy-duty materials and find the swing beam adequate but ordinary.

This also includes our verdict on the swing beam plate. We’re not sure why Backyard Discovery doesn’t upgrade to something more substantial. We feel Backyard Discovery components lack that extra bit of quality that would make the Weston play set a better contender.

Wood Thickness

Everyone is rolling their eyes at the price of wood these days. But scrimping on wood isn’t a great idea when building children’s play equipment.

Our opinion of the wood package is also just adequate. The swing beam measures 2.5 X 2.5 and doesn’t get a positive response from us. These are children’s play sets and should come with decent quality material.

Perhaps it begs the question, is buying a cheaper play set worth it in the end?

Plastic Thickness

In all seriousness, we scratch our heads at the slide's design. The durability is immediately suspect because the plastic wave slide comes in three pieces which instantly weakens the structure.

For all the recycled plastics in the world, why not create one sold piece and create a slide built to last? Although the plastic has a decent thickness, we wonder if it withstands not only the traffic of children but also the weather.

Backyard Discovery could easily offer a Thermo molded slide as an upgrade. A toned-down version of the yellow would be okay on the eyes too.

Wood Stain & Finish

Backyard Discovery supplies a nice finish and smooth stain job. Outdoor equipment needs to be tough and withstand wear & tear and the elements. The paint job and wood finish on the Weston All Cedar is nice and even.

To maintain and preserve your outdoor recreation play sets, check out our tips on restoring your playset and improving its longevity.

Weight Limits

Children’s safety is paramount in all aspects of outdoor playsets. The Weston All Cedar has safety parameters to ensure no one gets hurt. A safe maximum of 150lbs per child per activity is a sensible guideline.

While it may be difficult to enforce at all times, restrict the number of children to nine on shared activities. Joint support activities are 120lbs per child. Provide adult supervision when more children are enjoying the playset.

Ongoing Maintenance

Maintenance prolongs the life of your playset. To help you make it easier, check out our maintenance article.

Although the Weston All Cedar Set is a bargain, you want to apply a fresh coat of stain. Maintenance also saves children from painful splinters and scrapes.

Play Elements

Parents want the best for their children. At Backyartisans, we wholeheartedly support that. It’s why we take our reviewing process seriously. Outdoor playsets are an excellent way for children to experience growth. They just want to play. The Weston All Cedar Play Set entertains them, and it’s a joy to hear their giggles.

Our Weston verdict: Despite this being a small playset, we scored it with 4-stars for playability. Perhaps because it isn’t overtly extravagant, children will learn to draw on their creativity. We can see children’s eyes light up when they discover the Weston All Cedar Play Set in their backyard. Parents will appreciate the affordability.

Ups, Downs & Acrosses

As reviewers, it’s our responsibility to point out areas that could use improvement. A child testing the play set will give it rave reviews. Adults will wonder how long the basic ups and downs will entertain them.

The rock climbing ladder will help build agility, and the speedy slide will entertain them. The swings are satisfactory but ordinary.

We think the Weston All Cedar is a good fit for smaller children and toddlers learning to experiment with outdoor playsets.


Swings are undoubtedly the number one feature in any park that has entertained us for thousands of years. The swings and acrobat bar on the Weston are adequate, with three positions, two swings, and the acrobat bar in the middle.

Social Play Accessories

The fantastic thing about children is their imagination and acceptance. The Weston All Cedar has several social play stations, like the snack window/ picnic table, allowing kids to engage in social play. The swing and slide will teach the value of teamwork.

As reviewers, we might look to discover more attractive and interactive features, and while the Weston is basic compared to other sets, it provides entertainment.

Solo Play Accessories

This plain set doesn’t offer much for solo play, but children are also inventive and will find something to amuse them.

Roof & Kit Options

The Backyard Discovery Weston All Cedar comes with a quaint circus stripe tarp roof. There are no upgrade features for something sturdier. Children will appreciate the vibrant green and yellow striping. The tent-like feature provides a bit of shade and will make kids feel like they have a play tent.

Since most of the structure is made of wood, be prepared to prevent wood rot. The roof tarp will probably fade, but anyone with some DIY sewing can easily replace the fabric-like tarp.

Price & Value

The Weston All Cedar Play Set is okay value for a very affordable price. We rated it 3-stars. Backyard Discovery does a great job of producing a nice play set in the less expensive category.

Here’s how we break it down.

Our Weston verdict: We’ve reviewed many play sets. Backyard Discovery’s play set rates pretty high overall on value for money. There’s no shame in a 3.4 rating. BD produces quality outdoor play equipment. The Weston meets our approval and outperforms many other brands in the low and affordable $500 to 600 price range.

Overall Value

We sincerely wish that Backyard Discovery offered a better product warranty. A 5-year limited warranty is just too basic.

Those opting for the assembly package must consider tacking on another 25-40% of the base MSR price. Click the Backyard Discovery assembly service tag for a quote. To offset the cost, the Backyard Discovery Weston Cedar includes free shipping at an already budget-friendly price under $1000.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs have skyrocketed. Some retailers and manufacturers tempt us with free shipping but catch us off-guard on the return cost.

Always read the small print. An average return shipping fee hovers around $150 for this type of shipment, which comes out of your pocket.

Installation Costs

Unless you know someone who works for cheap, assembling a play set costs around $250-300 and probably more. Compare your local handyman’s quote with Backyard Discovery.

Remember, time is money.


Warranty isn’t Backyard Discovery's strong suit, but they have improved it recently. Make sure you read all the gory details on the warranty particulars. They post a 5-year warranty on decay and a 2-year on craftsmanship on the wood but stay abreast of any changes.

Several years ago, they had a sliding scale and the warranty deteriorated. Make sure you read up on the latest status on the wood rot warranty. Please note that a warranty doesn’t include any incurred labor costs. Also, understand that their definition of regular maintenance and what is natural may not match your idea.

Backyartisan Rating:

3.4 Stars

Backyard Discovery Weston All Cedar Wood Play Set gets our 3.4-star rating. Although it’s not a 5-star, it’s still a good play set. Of course, it’s always buyer beware of the issues we outlined.

Overall we think Backyard Discovery produces a quality product in the affordable segment. We’d like to see better stability and durability. If Backyard Discovery fixes those infractions, they’d have a fantastic play set.

If this review has you second-guessing your choice, check out our Short List of the best backyard playsets of the year.

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