You fancy yourself a minimalist. Kids clearly have great imaginations that need to be encouraged, but all of those plastic doodads on the wooden swing sets really are overkill, right? You also can’t bring yourself to the same yellow or red cedar a-frame fort that is in every backyard in your neighborhood. Let’s just dial it back. Here we’ll explore the best metal swing sets – they get the job done, putting your kids into the air. They are mostly commercial-grade, set in concrete, and will get it done.

Just to be clear, these are commercial-grade swing sets. You should expect them to ship as such, with large and heavy metal tubing. That said, they’ll last you a long time and your kids will get the basics of what they need. We also included a residential-grade swing set for comparison, which we think is a great option as well.

The Backyartisan's Short List: Best Metal Swing Sets

Heavy Duty Cantilevered T-swing Best Simple Solution
Heavy Duty Arch Swing Best-Looking Metal Swing Set
Backyard Discovery Little Brutus Best Residential-Grade Metal Swing Set
Cantilever Swing Set Simple and Best-Looking Combo

Heavy Duty Cantilevered T-swing

Best Simple Solution

Backyartisan Rating: 3.5 stars

The heavy-duty cantilever T-Swing set is just what you need for a low-profile commercial grade swing set. It does come across a little industrial feeling, but you’ll rest assured that it’ll last you a while, handle what your kids throw at it, and won’t rust. You’re wading out into the simple yet sturdy options, so be warned that it may involve crating or industrial packaging. Not as teed up as most residential products are.

Where It Shines:

  • Commercial-grade durability
  • Simple installation of footers

Where It Could Improve:

  • Very industrial look

Heavy Duty Arch Swing

Best-Looking Metal Swing Set

Backyartisan Rating: 4.25 stars

We love this swing set. It’s got the beefy 5-inch posts bent to the perfect arch, the shiny powder-coated steel, and it’ll take whatever your kids can give it. You’ll see this swing set in just about every park you visit. It’s the classic, the go-to, the workhorse of the local park. Bringing it to your backyard is a great way to entertain your children without overstimulating them. You can get this swing set in a large variety of colors, too. Choose your color wisely though, because this swing set ships like a large heavy steel tube and will last you a long long time.

Where It Shines:

  • Modern and smooth look
  • Lots of color options
  • Commercial-grade
  • Very sturdy with multiple footers

Where It Could Improve:

  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Might be overkill for many backyards

Backyard Discovery Little Brutus

Best Residential-Grade Metal Swing Set

Backyartisan Rating: 4.0 stars

The Little Brutus is a solid metal swing set that comes in some nice neutral colors. The steel structure is powder-coated and should last you a long time. With three swing positions, the Little Brutus will cover you and fit well in many backyards.

Where It Shines:

  • Better on your wallet than commercial-grade options
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Gliding nest swing

Where It Could Improve:

  • Not as heavy duty as the commercial-grade sets
  • No extra bells or whistles

Cantilever Swing Set

Simple and Best-Looking Combo

Backyartisan Rating: 4.0 stars

The best of both worlds, this swing set looks great with a slim profile and shiny powder-coated post finish. It also keeps things simple by only requiring 2 footers. With the overhang on either (or both) posts, you can get an extra swing position. We often see it as a great place for an infant. Again, this is one you’ll start to notice at local parks, churches, and schools, but it’s still a great fit for a backyard when you’re looking for something streamlined and sturdy. It ships to you on a long pallet and is a little cumbersome to receive and install, but it’s not a terribly difficult process.

Where It Shines:

  • Modern and slim profile
  • Infant bucket option
  • Shimmery powder-coated steel
  • Commercial-grade sturdiness

Where It Could Improve:

  • Sets in concrete
  • Assembly isn’t a snap

How We Picked the Metal Swing Sets on This Short List

Shipping & Receiving Process

Much like any wooden swing set or playset, these metal swing sets are shipped via freight or LTL shipping, which adds considerable cost to the final price tag (more on that below). For most of these options, you'll have to schedule a delivery appointment and choose either curbside delivery or delivery straight to the spot in the backyard where you want to set everything up.

Installation & Setup

Installing a commercial-grade metal swing set is a different kind of complicated compared to wooden playsets. The main difference is you'll need to set this swing set in concrete, so you better be sure about where you want to place it. The only exception on our list is the Little Brutus swing set from Backyard Discovery, which is a good option for most families. That being said, the setup isn't incredibly different for the commercial-grade swing sets that we listed - all decently complicated.

Stability & Durability of Materials

The great thing about commercial-grade swing sets is they are virtually indestructible. One of these metal swings will last you 10+ years if you take care of it correctly. The Little Brutus is a little less durable, but should still last you a long time.

Play Elements

We typically have a lot more play elements to consider when evaluating playsets. So, for these simple swing sets, we looked at the number of swings available and the ability to replace the standard swing seat with other accessories like a web disc swing or something else.

Price & Value

Of course, you need to consider your budget when you're making an investment in a swing set - and these are definitely an investment, especially the commercial-grade swing sets. The basic options will cost you upwards of $1,000 while the more elaborate options (like the Arch Swing Set) are north of $3,000. If that's not in your budget or you're not outfitting a public playground, the Little Brutus is a great option under $500 with Backyard Discovery's current discount.

For more swing set options, make sure to read our guide on the best basic swing sets too.

Recap: The Best Metal Swing Sets


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