Playsets are big commitments both financially and during setup. Knowing exactly when you should take the plunge during the year can change your entire experience, for the better or worse.

As the year progresses, companies that sell playsets will make several predictable changes that you can easily take advantage of. In some cases, you may save money, but having the playset available to your kid when they’ll use it is also a big factor to consider. Wooden playsets are certainly a seasonal toy for your kids, and their enjoyment of it is highly dependent upon your weather and age of your children..

Just remember that even if you commit to buying a playset during an unusual time of year, it’s only going to affect you for that one year. After that, it’s just back to normal maintenance and use.

Most Popular Time: Strawberry Season

Strawberry season starts around the end of February as Winter slowly begins losing its cold grasp on most of the Southern US and transitions into Spring. As the Spring season progresses, more regions of the US start seeing their strawberries (and their playsets) grow.

Why Then?

Well, many parents want the kids out of the house at this point. They’ve been cooped up inside with all that energy through most of the Winter. Don’t you want them to bounce around outside for a change?

The beginning of March is when most parents start trying to shop for a swing set as the warm weather makes it possible for the kids to play outside on a regular basis again. Joining the rush of shoppers during this time seems like a wise choice. 

This is also the best time to start setting up as the snow is melting away to reveal your yard again, but it’s still cool enough that putting it together won’t be a hot and sweaty endeavor. You can get it up and running fast so that your kids can start burning off all their energy in a healthy way.

How Does That Benefit You?

Financially, it’s not very beneficial. The playset companies know that the parents are going to come out in force once the snow melts, and their prices reflect that. This is the peak season for swing sets, so the prices are going to spike as well. 

On the other hand, the options available to you are also going to increase. Since it’s busy season, manufacturers plan their inventories accordingly. Companies are going to bust out all the stops to get out as many pre-made options as they can, so getting a playset your kids will personally love should be a piece of cake. 

This is also the best time to buy one for your kid’s sake. Yes, you can use playsets year-round, but the gradual warming of Spring is a fantastic time to get outside. This will make sure your kids get as much time with the playset as they can before Winter comes knocking again.

2nd Most Popular Time: Christmas Season

‘Tis the season to buy a playset. Setup may be a bit of a pain in the snow, but seeing your kid’s face on Christmas morning will make it all worth it. 

Why Then?

It’s the season of giving! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas or Chanukah, the Winter almost by default now seems to be the time to give presents. If you feel a bit uncomfortable just randomly giving your kids an expensive gift like a playset, then make it a holiday gift instead. 

Gifts are on everyone’s mind during the holidays, but it will be easy to find playsets around this time. The main issue to keep in mind is getting the thing delivered to your home on time. The longer you wait, the more likely it won’t arrive until after New Year’s. Try ordering before Black Friday if you want it to arrive for the season and even have a shot of having it installed. 

How Does That Benefit You?

Financially, this is one of the best times to buy a playset. Even with the gift-giving spirit of Christmas, it’s still the off-season. Prices are going to be low compared to other parts of the year, which is perfect considering you have plenty of other gifts you need to buy. 

SInce most retailers and manufacturers buy for the spring season, inventories on the most popular sets may be low. Also by Christmastime, you may only be a few weeks away from the launch of the next season’s models and new bells and whistles. The obvious downside to buying in the winter is this is also when you’re going to see fewer options available, but that may not be too big of a letdown. There will still be plenty of choices, but they likely aren’t going to be very customizable. 

While they may not be able to get as much out of it as they could in warmer months, your kids will still do their best to use the playset even with snow and cold. This is great if you want them to go and actually get some fresh air every now and again. Now they have an excuse!

Shopping Outside The Top Two Seasons

Since Winter and Spring are the two big seasons to buy a playset, it only makes sense that the less popular seasons are Summer and Fall.


Besides Winter, Summer is the time when your children will be home the most. Without the joys of recess to stimulate them, they may just try to relax inside all day in their pajamas. Giving them a reason to go outside (even if you missed the Spring wave) is a great reason to buy a playset. 

There are also a surprising amount of deals you can find during the Summer. Any stock that is leftover from the strawberry season will be on some form of clearance, so buying late definitely has its advantages. 

As far as sales go, shoot for the 4th of July sales. These are your best bets if you want to save a bit of money on a premium purchase while still getting a little use before school starts back. 

Summer is also the time where you may want to host some of your neighbors and their kids for a get-together or barbecue. Having a massive kid magnet will give you and the other adults plenty of time to relax and enjoy the labor you put into both the burgers and building the playset.


It’s much easier to get some physical exertion outside when there’s just a bit of cold to keep the sweat off of you. In the case of your kids, they are likely going to spend way more time out on a playset in the Fall as opposed to the heat of Summer. 

As your kids return to school, make friends, and ask to set up playdates, your yard and new playset would make a great bargaining chip for your kid to start forging friendships. After all, playsets are designed to be shared and enjoyed. 

There aren’t quite as many sales on playsets during this time, but there are a few. Labor Day and Black Friday are the two big times you should shoot for if you want a somewhat discounted playset. 

Besides Christmas, Fall is the best time to start decorating; think of Halloween and Thanksgiving! A playset gives you plenty more options for exterior decorating, and you can even use it as a form of an event like a pilgrim ship or a miniature haunted house.

Final Comments

Nothing is stopping you from buying a playset at any point in the year. The key is to see where each season’s pros and cons match up with your own needs—figuring out when is best is entirely up to you. Just make sure you do your research first. For more data on prices, head over to our playset prices study.

If you’re in the market for a playset, also make sure to check out our short list of the best swing sets.

Spring is the optimal time if you want to have the most options available to you and have your kid enjoy the playset year-round. Winter is great for prices and to make a grand splash for the kids. However, Autumn and Summer are also worth considering for scouring off-season deals.

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