A new swing set is a big investment – you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth! With so many options, it can be really tough to tell if you are getting a good deal or not. So, we analyzed 126 playsets from the top playset manufacturers to find out what swing sets cost on average, what influences the cost, and much more.

Let’s dive into the numbers.

Our Methodology

In today’s playset market, there are 3 big manufacturers, so we chose to focus on their playset models (126 SKUs in total):

ManufacturerSKUs Analyzed
Gorilla Playsets40
Backyard Discovery44

The prices in the tables and paragraphs below are pulled dynamically, meaning they are automatically updated every morning based on the current price listed on the manufacturer’s website.

We are also tracking prices for each playset on major online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and others, but are not including them in the raw data set below. We do have findings on price differences among retailers which we touch on later in this study below.

How Much Does a Swing Set Cost On Average?

Based on the 126 playset SKUs we analyzed from the top 3 playset brands, a backyard swing set costs $1,736.90 on average.

Here is how the average swing set price shakes out by brand. We also listed the minimum and maximum price across each selection of SKUs to give you a range of what each brand offers.

BrandAverage PriceMinimum PriceMaximum Price
Gorilla Playsets $2,507.04 $299.00 $6,199.00
KidKraft $1,387.12 $499.99 $2,899.99
Backyard Discovery $1,261.62 $499.00 $2,299.00

So, Gorilla Playsets is clearly the most expensive major playset brand on the market today. And for good reason – they make really high quality, premium playsets.

KidKraft and Backyard Discovery, while very different companies, are pretty comparable in terms of average playset price.

What Is The Most Expensive Playset?

According to our dataset, the Empire Extreme Swing Set from Gorilla Playsets is the most expensive playset on the market, coming in at $6,199.00. For that price tag, you get essentially a neighborhood in your backyard with a humongous structure of three forts, bridges, and the whole nine yards.

What Is The Least Expensive Playset?

According to our dataset, the Basic Swing Set (formerly known as the Ranger Swing Set) from Gorilla Playsets is the least expensive playset on the market at a price of $299.00. For that price, you get what you expected – a basic two-seat swing set and a ring/trapeze combination swing in the middle.

Do Swing Set Prices Differ By Retailer?

Overall, we did not find much price variance in between the manufacturers and retailers like Amazon, Home Depot, and others.

On average, prices for swing sets on retailer websites are within 4% on the manufacturer’s stated price for that model. However, that does not include high sale periods like Amazon Prime Day or other holidays where retailers may be slashing prices.

There are some playset models, particularly by KidKraft, that are sold exclusively at certain retailers like Target, Sam’s Club, and others. We did not include these swing sets in our study because prices are unavailable for comparison on the manufacturer’s website.

What Influences The Price of a Swing Set?

There are several factors that go into the price of a swing set. Some of those factors include:

  • Cost of raw materials – A lot of playset manufacturers are getting their raw materials from China and other countries for much cheaper prices.
  • Quality of raw materials – Higher quality wooden swing sets are going to cost more than cheaper plastic swing sets. But, you also get what you pay for – a more durable product that is going to last you a long time.
  • Play features – The size of the swing set and how many play features are on it will significantly influence the final price. Just think about the maximum and minimum prices stated above – one playset is basically a castle, the other is a simple swing set without many bells and whistles.
  • Shipping costs – Often times, manufacturers will bake in shipping costs into the final price of the playset and market it as “free shipping.” Playsets are heavy items that are expensive to ship, so this can cost several hundred dollars.

We will keep updating this study as new playsets enter the market, so check back for updated information! Also be sure to read our playset buying guide, the right time to buy a playset, and check out our Short List of the best playsets of the year.

All Playset Price Data

Below are the updated prices for each playset in our study according to the manufacturer’s website.

Gorilla PlaysetsAdventure Wave Swing Set$1,399.00
Gorilla PlaysetsChateau Clubhouse Swing Set$2,229.00
Gorilla PlaysetsChateau Swing Set$1,929.00
Gorilla PlaysetsChateau Tower Swing Set$1,719.00
Gorilla PlaysetsChateau w/ Sky Loft Swing Set$2,698.00
Gorilla PlaysetsDouble Down II Swing Set$1,699.00
Gorilla PlaysetsEmpire Extreme Swing Set$6,199.00
Gorilla PlaysetsEmpire Swing Set$5,599.00
Gorilla PlaysetsFive Star II Space Saver Swing Set$1,549.00
Gorilla PlaysetsFrontier Swing Set$2,229.00
Gorilla PlaysetsGreat Skye I Swing Set$3,439.00
Gorilla PlaysetsGreat Skye II Swing Set$3,939.00
Gorilla PlaysetsHigh Point II Swing Set$1,399.00
Gorilla PlaysetsHomestead Swing Set$2,649.00
Gorilla PlaysetsHomestead w/ Sky Loft Swing Set$3,258.00
Gorilla PlaysetsMountaineer Clubhouse Swing Set$2,749.00
Gorilla PlaysetsMountaineer Swing Set$2,449.00
Gorilla PlaysetsNantucket II Swing Set$1,599.00
Gorilla PlaysetsNavigator Swing Set$2,129.00
Gorilla PlaysetsOuting Swing Set$1,149.00
Gorilla PlaysetsOuting w/ Dual Slides Swing Set$1,249.00
Gorilla PlaysetsOuting w/ Monkey Bars Swing Set$1,299.00
Gorilla PlaysetsOuting w/ Trapeze Bar Swing Set$1,249.00
Gorilla PlaysetsOuting w/ Tube Slide Swing Set$1,449.00
Gorilla PlaysetsPioneer Peak Swing Set$2,859.00
Gorilla PlaysetsPlayMaker Deluxe Swing Set$1,249.00
Gorilla PlaysetsRanger Plus Swing Set$699.00
Gorilla PlaysetsRanger Swing Set$299.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Palace Deluxe Swing Set$4,479.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Palace Extreme Swing Set$2,749.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Palace Swing Set$2,549.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Valley Deluxe Swing Set$4,049.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Valley Extreme Swing Set$2,549.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSun Valley Swing Set$2,349.00
Gorilla PlaysetsSwing Station$612.56
Gorilla PlaysetsTreasure Trove I Swing Set$4,059.00
Gorilla PlaysetsTreasure Trove II Swing Set$4,559.00
Gorilla PlaysetsWilderness Gym Swing Set$3,229.00
Gorilla PlaysetsWilderness Retreat Swing Set$4,439.00
Gorilla PlaysetsWoodmont Swing Set$2,299.00
KidKraftJungle Journey Swing Set / Playset$1,229.99
KidKraftLookout Extreme Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,899.99
KidKraftAppleton Wooden Swing Set / Playset$582.99
KidKraftSpring Meadow Wooden Swing Set / Playset$699.99
KidKraftRidgeview Deluxe Clubhouse Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,099.99
KidKraftRyan's World™ Twisty Tower Playset / Swing SetN/A
KidKraftLawnmeadow Playset / Swing SetN/A
KidKraftLindale Swing Set / PlaysetN/A
KidKraftHilltop Playset$2,149.99
KidKraftPortland Playset / Swing SetN/A
KidKraftArbor Crest Deluxe PlaysetN/A
KidKraftSeacove Playset / Swing SetN/A
KidKraftCharleston Lodge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,599.99
KidKraftParamount Wooden Swing Set / PlaysetN/A
KidKraftCastlewood Wooden Swing Set / PlaysetN/A
KidKraftMontauk Wooden Playset$1,399.99
KidKraftHampton Wooden PlaysetN/A
KidKraftAinsley Outdoor Playset$499.99
KidKraftWindale Wooden Swing Set / PlaysetN/A
KidKraftKingsbridge Wooden Swing Set / PlaysetN/A
KidKraftCreston Lodge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,399.99
KidKraftAshberry Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,299.99
KidKraftSpringfield II Wooden Swing Set / Playset$699.99
KidKraftDevonshire Elite Swingset / Playset$2,499.99
KidKraftOrchard View Manor Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,999.99
KidKraftNewport Wooden Playset$699.99
KidKraftFalcon Ridge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$2,199.99
KidKraftBear Cave Lodge Swing Set and Playset$2,899.99
KidKraftMockingbird View Wooden Swing Set / Playset$2,149.99
KidKraftRichmond Lodge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,499.99
KidKraftBoulder Station Swing Set / Playset$1,599.99
KidKraftMcKinley Wooden Swing Set / Playset$965.00
KidKraftBrooksville Wooden Swing Set / Playset$939.99
KidKraftCanyon Ridge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,899.99
KidKraftBrookridge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$899.99
KidKraftMeadowvale II Wooden Swing Set / Playset$699.99
KidKraftLookout Lodge Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,899.99
KidKraftAppleton Wooden Swing Set / Playset - White$582.99
KidKraftTreasure Cove Wooden Swing Set / Playset$899.99
KidKraftAustin Swing Set / Playset$1,499.99
KidKraftCloverdale Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,399.99
KidKraftCranbrook Wooden Swing Set / Playset$1,199.99
Backyard DiscoveryBig Brutus Heavy-Duty Metal A-Frame Swing Set$649.00
Backyard DiscoveryLittle Brutus Metal Swing Set$529.00
Backyard DiscoveryMini Brutus Metal Swing Set$499.00
Backyard DiscoveryPacific View Wooden Swing Set$1,499.00
Backyard DiscoveryAtlantis Wooden Swing Set$1,149.00
Backyard DiscoveryAurora Wooden Swing Set$499.00
Backyard DiscoveryBeach Front Wooden Swing Set$699.00
Backyard DiscoveryBelmont Wooden Swing Set$649.00
Backyard DiscoveryBristol Point Wooden Swing Set$1,699.00
Backyard DiscoveryBuckley Hill Wooden Swing Set$499.00
Backyard DiscoveryCanyon Creek Wooden Swing Set$1,399.00
Backyard DiscoveryCaribbean Wooden Swing Set$1,899.00
Backyard DiscoveryCedar Cove Wooden Swing Set$1,699.00
Backyard DiscoveryDakota RidgeSold at Exclusive Retailer
Backyard DiscoveryEagles Nest Elite Wooden Swing Set$2,299.00
Backyard DiscoveryGrayson Peak Swing Set$1,099.00
Backyard DiscoveryLakewood Wooden Swing Set$799.00
Backyard DiscoveryLiberty II Wooden Swing Set$1,899.00
Backyard DiscoveryMalibu Wooden Swing Set$1,799.00
Backyard DiscoveryMonterey Wooden Swing Set$1,399.00
Backyard DiscoveryMonticello Wooden Swing Set$1,099.00
Backyard DiscoveryMontpelier Wooden Swing Set$1,099.00
Backyard DiscoveryMount McKinley Wooden Swing Set$899.00
Backyard DiscoveryMount Triumph Wooden Swing Set$1,399.00
Backyard DiscoveryOakmont Wooden Swing Set$799.00
Backyard DiscoveryOceanview Wooden Swing Set$1,499.00
Backyard DiscoveryParkway Wooden Swing Set$849.00
Backyard DiscoveryPrairie Ridge Wooden Swing Set$949.00
Backyard DiscoverySaddlebrookSold at Exclusive Retailer
Backyard DiscoverySaratoga Wooden Swing Set$1,149.00
Backyard DiscoveryShenandoah Wooden Swing Set$1,399.00
Backyard DiscoverySkyfort Elite Wooden Swing Set$1,899.00
Backyard DiscoverySkyfort II with Wave Slide$1,999.00
Backyard DiscoverySkyfort II Wooden Swing Set$1,999.00
Backyard DiscoverySkyfort With Tube Slide$2,299.00
Backyard DiscoverySomerset Wooden Swing Set$849.00
Backyard DiscoverySpringboro Wooden Swing Set$1,049.00
Backyard DiscoveryTacoma Falls Wooden Swing Set$1,899.00
Backyard DiscoveryTanglewood Wooden Swing Set$1,099.00
Backyard DiscoveryThunder Ridge Wooden Swing Set$1,299.00
Backyard DiscoveryTucson Wooden Swing Set$649.00
Backyard DiscoveryWeston Wooden Swing Set$549.00
Backyard DiscoveryWoodland Wooden Swing Set$1,599.00
Backyard DiscoveryWoodridge Elite Wooden Swing Set$1,999.00

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