Outdoor toy storage is the solution to a common problem. Kids love playing outside, but they also enjoy playing with their toys. It can be challenging when you have limited space inside the house. You’ll need a place for those toys.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to store outdoor toys to keep them from getting wet and moldy while not in use. This article will share 15 ideas for storing outdoor toys, from simple shelves on posts to full-fledged playhouses.

Outdoor Toy Bins

Toy bins are an easy way to store outdoor toys. You can make your own or buy one at a yard sale, thrift shop, or home improvement store. They don’t have to be fancy—the simpler, the better! 

Just make sure they can hold up against kids playing with them when it’s nice outside. Plastic is less expensive than the alternatives, but metal may last longer over time.

Rolling Storage Containers

Storage containers with wheels are a great way to store large outdoor toys. These will allow you to move the larger items out of the way when they aren’t in use and make it easy for kids to play with them when they want.

However, you should be careful which products you buy. If these won’t be locked down or put away when not in use, consider buying lockable storage containers instead of ones that don’t have locks.

Simple Plastic Storage Boxes

Plastic storage boxes are great for keeping smaller toys out of the way. Options with lids may be preferable since they won’t easily blow away if they aren’t locked down. 

Plastic stackable bins will allow you to stack multiple items on top of each other without taking up too much space, while larger containers can be used to store large toy sets.

Built-In Garage Organizers

Garage organizers are a good option for outdoor toy storage. These typically have shelves and hooks that kids can use to hang up their bikes and helmets after they’re done riding them around the yard. Many varieties are designed to be mounted on garage walls or other indoor areas, but you can also buy ones explicitly made for the outdoors.

DIY Door Organizers In Your Garage

If there is enough room, you can mount racks or hooks to your garage door to store toys when they aren’t being used. It can be a good option if you have unfinished garage walls since it won’t take away from the look of your home by painting or papering them.

An easy way to get started is to buy a couple of hooks from the hardware store and screw them into the garage door to see how they look. Then, you can remove them or purchase more if you decide to go ahead with mounting them on the doors in your garage.

Adjustable Steel Organizer Shelves

Adjustable steel organizer shelves are good for storing smaller outdoor toys inside the garage. 

These can be attached to a wall and will stay in place once installed. You can adjust them as needed if you plan to store larger items on the bottom or need more room for smaller ones on top.

Bungee Cord Storage for Balls

One easy way to store balls is to use bungee cords. Just take the balls and put the bungees around them, then hook each end of the bungee onto anything sturdy enough to hold the weight. 

These can be hung over a garage door or porch railing. You can throw all of your balls into a mesh bag and hang it somewhere next to the bungee cords for even easier storage.

Baskets Along the Fence

If you have a fence bordering your backyard, you can use baskets to store smaller toys. Hang the basket from a post or hook and put the items inside.

This is one of the most straightforward storage solutions, but it isn’t always practical to use if there isn’t a section of fence where you can hang a basket.


If you’re handy with a drill, you can set up pegboards for toy storage. It is excellent if you have a wall section available for this type of storage. Don’t worry about screwing directly into the wall – it won’t damage your home if done correctly.

You need to use anchors before hanging anything heavy to ensure that things are secure for when kids are done with their outdoor toys and hang them back up on the pegboard.

Patio Furniture That Doubles as a Storage Bin

Many patio furniture sets are designed with storage underneath the seats or in other hidden compartments. You can use these to hold toys like balls, pool noodles, and spare outdoor playsets that won’t fit into any of your other toy storage solutions. 

The great thing about this method is that you won’t need to buy anything extra to use as storage, and you can always choose a patio furniture set that matches your existing outdoor décor.

DIY Storage Shed

If you have a spare room in your garage or backyard, you can build a storage shed. These typically have shelves and often have a space where kids can stand and reach items inside the building. 

It is an excellent option because it gives them a specific place to store the outdoor toys that they aren’t playing with at the moment.

Stock Tanks

Consider using stock tanks to store balls and other small toys. Most are made of metal or plastic and can be set up on the ground or attached to a wall. Make sure that they aren’t big enough for kids to climb into before letting them play with them, though.

The great thing about this option is that it will keep the balls from getting lost in the grass, but if you need more storage space, use a mesh bag to keep everything together instead of buying multiple stock tanks.

DIY Backyard Toy Pantry

If you have a big wall in your backyard, consider building a toy pantry to store toys. 

You can use plywood or other boards and attach them to the wall with brackets so that kids don’t pull it down accidentally. Then, just put all of the balls and other outdoor equipment inside as if you were putting them into a cabinet.

“Parking Spaces” for Ride-On Toys and Bikes

Consider setting aside one section as a “parking space” for your kids’ ride-on toys and bikes if you have a fence. It is helpful because it keeps the area where you walk from getting cluttered with equipment kids want to leave outside.

You can also use this as an opportunity to let them decorate their own parking spaces so that they feel like they have some ownership over their outdoor play areas.

DIY Bins and Organizers in Your Playset or Treehouse

If you have a playset or tree house, consider using baskets to store toys in the play areas. These are especially great for keeping balls and other things kids want to hide where other people can’t see them. 

Many playsets and treehouses come with a lot of built-in storage for this purpose. However, you can also attach baskets to the outside or inside these structures. Just make sure that they are secured well.

Final Comments

Now that you know about 15 options for outdoor toy storage, it’s time to get started with your backyard. Pick one option and use it as inspiration to create a fantastic playset or other setups that allow kids to play outside for hours.

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