When you buy a trampoline for your children, you imagine hours of fun times jumping and giggling with your kids. You rarely think about springs rusting or holes and tears in the trampoline that need to be repaired. 

However, you’ll want your kids to be safe and will need to fix any problems with your trampoline before they go jumping on it in the backyard. In this article, we detail how you can accurately repair your trampoline below. If you find that you need to just replace your trampoline entirely, head over to our guide on how to buy a trampoline.

How to Patch a Hole or Tear In Your Trampoline Mat

Tears and holes in mats do happen — it’s just part of outdoor play equipment! The first thing to consider is how big the hole or tear is in your trampoline mat. The main thing to remember is that the cutoff point is two inches.

If the tear is bigger than two inches, make sure your children are not jumping on the trampoline as it is no longer safe. Such a large tear cannot be properly fixed, which means you will need to purchase a whole new mat.

However, if your trampoline mat has a minor or much smaller tear, then you can use duct tape to cover the ripped portion of the mat. Be sure to measure the size of the hole before deciding whether you can repair the mat using duct tape or whether a new trampoline mat is required.

If the hole is less than 2 inches in size but medium in size, remove the trampoline mat and use a patch from the manufacturer’s patch kit to place it over the hole. You can then use a sewing machine to sew the edges of the patch to the trampoline mat.

Tools and Materials You Need

The type of tools you will need to secure a hole in your trampoline mat include:

  • Duct tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Patch from manufacturer’s patch kit
  • Scissors
  • New trampoline mat (if the tear is larger than 2 inches in size)

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Check your trampoline mat regularly for holes or tears.
  2. Use a measuring tape to calculate the size of a tear.
  3. For small tears, apply a piece of duct tape over the hole.
  4. If your tear is more than 2 inches in size, purchase a new mat, take the old trampoline mat off, and replace it with the new one.
  5. If the hole is medium in size and less than 2 inches, remove the trampoline mat to repair with the manufacturer’s patch kit.
  6. Read the instructions from the patch kit.
  7. Take a patch from the patch kit to place over the hole.
  8. Use the type of stitching needed for the weave of the trampoline mat according to the kit’s instructions.
  9. With a sewing machine, sew around the patch edges to repair the trampoline mat’s hole.
  10.  Use scissors to take out extra material by cutting around the outside of the patch.
  11. Put the mat back on the frame.

How to Fix a Trampoline Spring

Did you find that a trampoline spring has broken after your kids spent an afternoon jumping on their favorite plaything? Do you know what to do when a spring has broken? First, it is important to understand that a completely broken spring cannot be fixed.

Instead, a broken trampoline spring will likely need to be replaced by a new one. There are several things that you’ll need to remember when replacing a trampoline spring. You’ll need to remove the mat and keep it apart from the springs and trampoline frame. 

In addition, never use different types of springs that are not meant for trampolines. The reasoning is due to the design of trampoline springs, which are meant to withstand the weight of children and adults. When you are in the process of buying new trampoline springs, make sure they align with the model of your trampoline.

You can also seek out the company where you bought your trampoline and see if you can purchase the same springs. You’ll find that springs are one of the most essential parts of the trampoline. You’ll need to carefully pick out the right trampoline springs and replace the old and broken ones.

When you have switched the springs from old to new, you need to secure the hooks slowly and cautiously. The springs need to be attached to the trampoline in the same way they were the first time since it holds the mat and brings greater security when your kids are jumping on the trampoline. Now you and your children can safely bounce on the trampoline when school’s out.

Tools and Materials You Need

The type of tools you will require to replace and fix a trampoline spring are:

  • Trampoline spring tool
  • Trampoline repair kit
  • Measuring tape
  • Replacement springs
  • T-Hook or needle-nose pliers
  • Gloves

Step-by-Step Instructions

When replacing a trampoline spring, you should take the following steps.

  1. Take three springs from your trampoline and measure the length of each one from the end of one hook to the other.
  2. Average out the size of the three springs.
  3. Buy the correct model and size of the replacement spring(s).
  4. Detach the trampoline’s safety mat skirt.
  5. Put on gloves.
  6. To remove your spring, move the t-hook’s curved edge under the spring hook attached to your trampoline mat’s V-ring. 
  7. Drag the t-hook toward the mat, which will provide more space, and raise the spring out of the V-ring.
  8. When replacing the spring, hook the replacement spring into the frame of the trampoline. 
  9. Use the t-hook to attach to the opposing hook of the spring. 
  10. Move the hook toward the V-ring, which will create tautness. 
  11. Ask someone to assist by bringing the V-ring closer to you.
  12. Once the spring is latched onto the V-ring, you are done and it is safe again to use your trampoline.

How to Fix a Trampoline Safety Net

A trampoline safety net should be an important part of your trampoline safety checklist and will keep your kids from falling off the trampoline. However, that can’t happen if it gets torn. Does your trampoline safety net have a huge hole in it? Often, the safety net may get a small tear while, over time, your kids may jump and kick through the tear, which will lead to a much larger hole in the safety net.

Instead of spending a minimum of $50 to replace the trampoline safety net, you can repair the safety net at home. To save money, you can do something as simple as sewing up the tear in the trampoline safety net. Be sure to use black-colored heavy-duty upholstery thread and a large upholstery needle.

Sew the thread into the netting and zigzag back and forth for every 0.5 inches of the safety net’s torn part until the hole is completely patched up. Tighten the thread as you move upward. Make a knot at the top of the patch so that the thread does not come loose in the future.

Tools and Materials You Need

To repair a trampoline safety net, you will need the following tools.

  • Heavy-duty upholstery thread
  • Fishing line
  • Large upholstery needle

Step-by-Step Instructions

To repair a torn trampoline safety net, follow the directions below.

  1. Thread the upholstery thread into the eye of the large upholstery needle.
  2. Make sure there is an equal amount of thread on both sides of the eye and make a knot on the opposite side.
  3. Begin on the right side of the hole in the trampoline safety net.
  4. At the top of the hole, pull the needle through the safety net’s fabric.
  5. Continue sewing by pulling the needle from the other side of the trampoline safety net.
  6. Repeat this step while moving about two inches from the original spot of the tear.
  7. Keep pulling the needle and sewing the thread until you move through the entire hole in the trampoline safety net.
  8. Once you are at the end, pull the upholstery thread tightly.
  9. Thread the upholstery thread one last time through the safety net to create a loop.
  10. Bring the needle through the loop and pull tightly.
  11. You can repeat the step above to create a double knot.
  12. If you choose to use a fishing line instead of an upholstery thread, you will need to start with a loop, sew it similarly to the upholstery thread, and finish it with a loop and knot.

Head over to our trampoline safety net install guide for more tips.

Advice for Managing Trampoline Frame Issues

Are you having trampoline frame issues? If so, the first thing to think about is how damaged the frame is. If your frame is completely coming apart or is becoming very rusty, we recommend you replace the frame with a new part or even purchase a completely new trampoline.

Overuse of a trampoline can often lead to frame damage. For instance, if a spring snaps in half when someone is jumping on a trampoline, the trampoline frame or leg can bend. Severe weather such as snow storms or high heat can also lead to trampoline frame warping.

Using the right tools, you can, however, fix a trampoline frame. Bent trampoline pipes can be moved back into their proper position. In addition, any weak parts of the frame can be improved and strengthened by adding more parts to reinforce the structure.

For example, adding another metal pole to the frame can help repair a bent trampoline leg. While it may be tricky to repair a frame, it is possible to do so. Using clamps to bend back the pipes is one method for fixing the problem. However, this may be hazardous because it does increase the risk of the pipes breaking.

If you go this route, check if there are any cracks. If you see a crack, don’t go any further. You can now only replace the part or else it may snap.

If bending the pipes back into position is not the best choice, then you can choose to replace the bent part with a new pipe. In such a case, you will first need to remove the springs attached to the pipe. You’ll need to cut away the crooked part of the frame pipe. Doing so provides more room to replace the broken pipe. 

Now you’ll need to measure the circumference and length of the pipe and purchase a replacement part that fits these measurements. Following these steps will help you repair and manage trampoline frame issues.

Final Comments

This guide should have given you a better idea of how to repair a torn trampoline mat, broken trampoline springs, a safety net, and even a trampoline frame. Whichever part of your trampoline needs fixing, take a look at the relevant section and see what type of tools and materials are needed to get the job done. 

Once your trampoline is fixed, you can spend the afternoons or weekends jumping with your kids and learning how to do flips! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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